Site Update


Here we are again

It has always been our vision to provide a place for car modders to find info on the aftermarket parts related to their cars. As a Mercedes owner for over 10 years now I personally hated the lack of organization when it came to gathering all the products related to the particular car that I had at the time. As such we set out to come up with a solution and build it. At the time we were very limited on the cars that we had access to and the people that we had that could work on not only reviewing the products but also scour the forums for the latest products and bring them all under one digital roof.

We are excited to announce that now we are expanding our options of cars and bringing on the E class. With this the site name changes again (we really need to come up with a better name). The new site is called combing both the C and E class. We really hope you like it and hope that we have provided and will continue to provide the reviews and info on products that matter to you.