A lot of people have been asking about this tune on the forums. As far as tunes go from reputable companies OE is the one company who claims the highest gains, which is why I'm really excited to do this flash's review. 


Let's start off by going through the ECU Removal Documentation which can be found here. As you can see there is not much to removing the ECU. The process should take you about 2-5 minutes if you have never done this before. You simply take off the engine cover, remove the two wiring harnesses, and pull up on the Ecu. If you are following the instructions, however, be careful with the ECU connector on the right. The instructions indicate that you should pull to the left, however you in fact need to pull the gray tab left in order to disengage the ECU. Once I had the ECU off it was ready to be sent off.

Shipping The ECU

Here is the cool part about dealing with OE they offer same day turn around. So for me, I shipped the unit off Next Day Air with 10AM guaranteed delivery and I also enclosed in the box a next day are return-shipping label. I shipped the unit on a Friday with delivery for Monday morning. I expected my ECU back on Tuesday. According to UPS OE Tuning Received the ECU at 11:04am and by 5:05pm the Ecu was on the truck heading back to me. 

It is worth noting that OE Tuning offer complementary 2 day USPS priority shipping included with the purchase. FedEx overnight shipping is available for $50 additional or the customer can include a return label.

First Drive

Note this video shows on screen Horse power and torque this data is not accurate this video is meant to help you understand the difference in sound and pickup.


Those turbos man.... It's incredible to finally be able to hear the turbos spool. OE has done an amazing job with this tune. Coming From a Piggy Backed system I can say it's definitely worth a true flash. For daily driving the car is actually nicer to drive than the stock configuration the car seems smoother on gear shifts, but when you put your foot down you get instant response from the car. The Butt Dyno definitely says this Tune out preforms Vivid Racings Piggy Back but it's time to get actual numbers from the Dyno.

THE Dyno

We tried something different this time around in regards to the dyno test we live streamed it. There were some issues just like any keynote from apple but we made sure to capture the good stuff. We have added video from the livestream below as well as the results of the Dyno.

Lets talk about the numbers for a sec. The Documented numbers from OE Tuning are stated Tuned Power to be 448Hp and Tuned Torque to be 533Tq.

Now we are using a Dyno Dynamics Dyno which is notoriously lower than other dynos however, we are going to be looking at delta differences.

Below is the actual video of the Dyno.

Below Are the Graphs of the Results:

Blue is Stock, Red is Vivid Racing Piggy Back, Pink is Final OE Tune, Orange is Inital OE Tune

The Car peaked out on our Dyno at an impressive 313.7 hp and 374 wtq. From the delta that takes us up 49hp from stock and an additional ~100ftlb of torque, which is incredible and definitely changes the driving dynamics of this car. 

When comparing it to the vivid racing tune OE managed to squeeze out an additional 8.8hp which doesn't seem like much, but is definitely a huge difference when driving the car.

There are some things to note that are extremely important, as noted by one of the forum members during the live stream Sliqdaddy91

The first is, OE used a mainline dyno that will read differently than the dyno dynamics used by the tuner above. 

Secondly, the stock c450amg.com dyno was 264, with the gain here being ~50 whp over stock... 313 whp.

Thirdly, the torque which I think I saw correctly showed +370 ~wtq which is in fact close to the claims made by OE since I think c450amg.com's stock car made around 280 wtq

Fourth, the area under the curve is more important than just peak numbers. The area increased greatly throughout the powerband compared to the piggyback tune. 

In summary then, the whp claim was not what was claimed, but for me the wtq very much was. Interesting...


I am extremely impressed with this tune. The numbers it puts out are the highest at the moment of any other tune available and the car honestly drives better with the tune on than the stock car did. It truly transforms this car into not only a beast when you put your foot into it. But a better all around car. The guys over at OE Tuning definitely know what they are doing. I can't stress enough how much better this car drives even as a daily driver with this tune on. 

The question everyone is asking is should you buy the tune and the answer is absolutely.