H&R Sport Springs - $239.99

Purchasing & Shipping

H&R offers one set of springs for the C450 which come from their Sport Spring line. They advertise a front and rear lowering of 1.2”. Part # is 28811-2. Here is a link to a vendor that is giving us a great discount. Mercedes Benz (W205) C450 AMG Lowering Springs by H&R Springs - Sport Springs



A buddy of mine is a mechanic at a performance BMW shop and has his own garage he works out of on the weekend so he was able to do the install for me. I called around and most places wanted between $450 and $700 for the install. My buddy got the job done in about 4 hours and charged me $300.  


First Drive 

I was a little worried about the springs making the ride too stiff and bumpy but was pleasantly surprised when I got the car back and it rode almost identical to stock. The lowered height is just about perfect as it cinches the tires up into the previous gap of the wheel wells and doesn’t sit too low to make it annoying when pulling into driveways, bumps, etc. The few places that you will notice the springs is when you go over those Mountainous speed bumps that some parking lots have. If you do anything but a half mile per hour crawl, you will feel the springs bottom out. The other place that you will notice a difference from stock is when parking the car in a parking lot and pulling up to the curb. You need to be careful not to pull up over the curb as most will scrape your front splitter.  As for the handles, you can definitely tell the difference in the high speed turns. 


This is one of those mods that please both aesthetically and performance wise and for the low cost, it is hard to beat the huge improvements it makes to the car 


Before & After Pics