AWE Track Review

I was unsatisfied with the OEM exhaust due to lack of sound under any type of acceleration. It just didn’t sound sporty enough for me.  I decided to get the AWE Track Edition Exhaust after listening to a few sound clips on AWE website.

The time from fabrication to delivery took around 3 months. 


The system came in a heavily reinforced box.  Below is the system unboxed at the performance shop. 

Each piece was labeled so that you know what goes where based on the install guide.


I didn’t have the tools or garage space to do this install myself so I had a local performance shop do it. It was done in 2 hour shop time ($200) and had no fitment issues whatsoever.  Most of the difficulty due to install came was when the technician was aligning the pipes under the strut brace. See below for an installed picture


The Track Edition differs from the Touring Exhaust in that there are two straight pipes which replace the resonators in the rear section.

Below is a side by side comparison of the OEM exhaust to the Track Edition Exhaust. As you can see the system is a true dual pipe system compared to the OEM exhaust. 

 Original Exhaust

Original Exhaust

 AWE Track Edition

AWE Track Edition

Driving Review

This exhaust is superb from craftsmanship to performance.  Like any aftermarket exhaust for an automatic vehicle, there is drone when cruising at 1800-2200rpms. It’s especially noticeable on the highway at those rpms.  I rarely drive in that rpm range as I mostly drive in Sport+ mode though.    

This exhaust screams when pushed.  Under hard acceleration from 3000 to redline, it is very aggressive.  The sound is noticeable inside the car as well as outside the car. I can say, however, it was more noticeable when I had the radio off.  My girlfriend said “the car sounds much better now”.  If you are a car enthusiast and you love to hear your car under hard driving, then this exhaust is for you.  

Apart from sound, the exhaust has improved the breathability of the car.  AWE claims max gains of 7hp and 13ft-lbs of torque to the crank.  I have yet to dyno, but I can state that there is less hesitation from the midrange (excess of 3,500 rpm) through redline compared to OEM exhaust.  The car also pulls harder compared to the OEM Exhaust