AWE Touring Review

Let me start this review off by giving you a little bit of background story. Before purchasing the AWE Touring Exhaust System, I did a muffler delete on the stock exhaust and was running that setup for about 3 months.  I really loved the sound of the system but only about 20-30% of the time. The other times it was a little bit too loud and the drone was pretty apparent on the freeway, so I decided to give AWE a shot and decided to go with the touring system. 

Josh over at AWE worked with Seth to get everything set up for us. He was really great during the ordering and production process when we kept bugging him asking where the exhaust was and when it would be delivered. Probably the only downside to this review is the time it took from order to delivery. Order was placed April 12th and we did not take delivery until June 17th. So, if you are looking for a quick turnaround on a system, you may want to reach out to them prior to ordering to make sure it will fit your timeline. 


The system came in a nicely packaged box with tons of Styrofoam to help protect the product. Each item packaged nicely and carefully to protect them.

Each piece was labeled so that you know what goes where based on the install guide.

Each piece was labeled so that you know what goes where based on the install guide.



I didn’t have the tools or garage space to do this install myself so I had a local mufflershop do it. It was done in 1 hour shop time ($90) and had no fitment issues whatsoever. It came with a digital instruction manual that was downloaded by scanning a QR code.


Even pros read the directions.


Driving Review


As I stated before I came from the OEM exhaust but had removed the mufflers.  With the mufflers deleted, low rpm driving had a bit of a drone to it especially when cruising right around 1800-2000 rpms. With this system there is literally no drone so cruising in comfort mode is about the same interior sound as it was stock. But you throw that baby in Sport+ and listen to it in WOT….WOW! The entire system roars to iife and makes the most incredible sound! The snaps and the crackles are even emphasized with the AWE system. Happening more often and more intense.   I was actually quite surprised how quiet the daily driving is now b/c I was expecting the drone to be similar to the OEM setup I had.