BMC Air filter Install & Review $180

After scouring the internet for hours and days trying to find a Cold Air Intake System for the C450 I finally gave up and acknowledged the fact that there just isn’t one in production yet.  Seth and I contacted Arma Speed to see if they had plans on developing one and received this response:

“C450 wasn’t for sale here in Taiwan, but now, the C450 has been introduced here locally but finding one is difficult, do you have members here in Taiwan?  If yes, if they can let us 3D scan the intake and engine bay, do the test fitment and dyno test the final product, we can provide the final product free for him.”

So, do we have any members in Taiwan??

Since a new intake system wasn’t an option, I figured that I needed to at least replace the stock filters with something that would breathe better. After researching and comparing the K&N Filters (Half the price) to the BMC Filters, I decided to go with the higher end (and double the price) BMC Filter.  The guys over at Madness Autoworks hooked me up with a great deal and superior service. Here is the link for the filter BMC Air Filter. Just a note, you need to make sure you buy 2 (TWO) filters! Shipping was fast and I received the Filters in 3 days. 



First thing you need to do is remove the torx screws that hold each air box cover on.


Once the screws are removed, the cover needs to be open from front to back as the back has hinges that secure it down which will release the lid and expose the stock filters


Carefully remove your stock filter (when I did this I noticed that there was already a tear in the filter lining) and replace with the BMC Filter. It is very important you face the filter with the protruding side down and the smooth side facing up.

Once the filter is in place, return the cover and secure the back hinges by sliding into the lower hinge inserts. The cover will not want to shut and feel like it is not fitting correctly, but it is and there is just a lot of tension on the hinge itself.


Lastly, insert the torx screws one at a time and secure cover back in original position. You will need to use a little muscle when pushing the cover down to insert the screws as it does not simply just fall into place.



I really wish that there was an intake system option for the C450 but it just doesn’t exist yet. I would say that the next best thing for the intake system is new filters. Comparing the stock filters and the BMC filters, you can definitely tell the difference in quality and breathability. Does this translate to a better driving experience? Honestly, I cannot tell the difference at all as I am sure it is so minor that it really can’t be detected. I would say that if you really want to replace your filters, there would be nothing wrong with paying half the price for the K&N filters and could probably even pick it up at your local auto store. (Note:  I did call Auto Zone and the part was not available through them. If you want to try your local guys it is K&N Part Number 33-5032.)


All in All, air filters are just that….air filters. You are not going to see incredible performance gains or beat your PR at the track but you are driving a C450 AMG so why not treat it with the best?