AL Priority + Valentine 1

Lets face it, we drive fast cars. Tickets are a thing that is constantly on our minds and most of us either have or are on the hunt for a good radar detector. I have been debating for quite some time now on whether I should write two separate reviews for these systems. Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that while both systems are great systems alone the real value is when you couple the systems together. 

What is it?

So the AL Priority is one of many laser jammers on the market. When looking for which one I was going to purchase I stumbled upon this video from 2014 while some of the information is outdated, it was actually a great first step in finding a perfect system. I decided on the AL Priority mainly because of the constant updates and the integration with other radar detectors on the market. 

I knew that the Valentine 1 would be the radar detector I would use because I have had personal experience with their system and loved the way that it worked. However, it does look outdated and there is a new Passport on the market that appears to do most of what the Valentine can do while looking a little bit more modern. 

The AL Priority System that we are reviewing consisted of 4 sensors (2 in the front and 2 in the rear), The RG Module (for linking the radar detector to the system), the Bluetooth module, the GPS sensor, and the HiFi module. Together, the total system provides for an amazing ticket protecting system. 

How does it work?

The AL Priority system with the additional modules allow you to completely customize how the system works. The HiFi Module gives you the option to set three different profiles each with different settings. The RG module takes it a step further, allowing you control over the radar detector and the GPS module allows you to set speed thresholds for when the system activates.

We setup our system to have profile one act as our main highway profile. In this profile the system doesn't activate until the car goes over 56 mph at that point it activates the laser jammers and the radar detector. All radar modes are on in this profile.

Profile two is set for th city with with the system engaging at 36 mph instead with all other settings the same.

Profile three is set as a secondary highway profile that has X band turned off on the radar detector.

In the event that you are shot with laser and the system is active it will send a scrambled system back and cause the laser to read 0 the first time he shoots you. At that point you can decide how long you want to scramble the signal in the settings for each profile. I have mine to scramble until I hit the mute button at that point it acts like standard parking sensors. If you wish, you can change the time from 3 to 9 seconds after which it will automatically switch from defense to parking sensors.

When the system engages with the HiFi module installed it will actually read out the bands on the radar detector and the actual model of the laser that you are being hit with. Making the radar face only good to detect the direction of the radar. Having the GPS module makes driving in the city more bearable as you no longer get the false alarms of automatic doors. 

I have not used the bluetooth module much as the hifi module does everything that I need. It's the one thing that, if we had to do it again, would pass on. 



This is one of the only installs that we looked at doing ourselves and decided to go ahead and let actual professionals install the sensors and hard wire the control box in. The nice thing about the control box is that it actually provides power to the Valentine 1 as well. The control box was installed under the drivers side and the usb cable was run into the fuse box on the side for easy access.

For the Valentine 1 we installed it on the passenger side of the rear view mirror as our dash cam was installed on the drivers side.


The AL Priority requires a firmware upgrade to bring the system live as they are initially sold as parking sensors. There is a great forum post available here that outlines the first steps after installing the system. 

The full extent of the customization can be seen below. 


In conclusion, I would absolutely buy this system for everyone of my cars. Sure the system is expensive and some would say more than any ticket you may get. However the AL Priority and Valentine together give me the peace of mind knowing that I have done everything that I can to avoid tickets. In Louisiana only select state troopers run laser, however the system has saved me twice so for in the last 3 months of using it from a ticket via laser. I really can't say enough about these products. It's one of the additions that I say is a must have if you are someone with a heavy foot.

You may want to check your state laws as some states have banned the system.

Our total cost for the system was $1609.70 for the AL Priority and $399 for the Valentine 1 bringing the total cost to just over $2,000.