MA Carbons Carbon Fiber Dash

For many C450 owners the black piano trim is what came with their car. Unlike all the other trims the piano trim does not come with a clock for the dash meaning if you wanted to simply pay Mercedes to switch out your trim it comes with a hefty price tag. Mainly due to the missing wiring harness for the clock. Some users have started a forum on their experience with this which is located here. There is another option, MA Carbons carbon fiber dash is cheaper than just the parts for the OE CF trim and gives you the convenience of not having to worry about the analog clock.


So the ordering process as it stands right now is such that you have to call and place the order with MA Carbon or email them. Either way will get you the results that you need. In terms of delivery, In our case it took a couple of months, but that was mainly due to the fact that this was the first of its kind. They have assured me that they will be stocking these in the future and that expected arrival time is 5-7 business days. The dash comes in a box filled with peanuts, which makes for a fun time finding both pieces and was nice because it made for easy repackaging of your old dash to send back to them if you so choose.

MA Carbon sells the dash for $900 and the ashtray for $200 with a $325 core charge, however, if you so choose you are able to send back your old unit for a $325 refund. This is dependent on you not breaking any of the parts on the original unit, but brings the cost down 1100 bucks still around 400 cheaper than the OE CF dash without the clock.


For the installation we followed the instructions laid out for us in this forum post which worked out great and would recommend you follow the same instructions. With one note however, if you have the interior lighting package on your car be very careful removing the 4 clips connecting the lighting ring as the ring itself is pretty fragile and easy to break.


As for quality the pics speak for themselves its an absolutely great product and would def recommend if you are thinking about replacing the easily scratchable piano trim. It should be noted that this is a true carbon fiber wrap over the original dash. So if you are looking for weight reduction you aren't going to get it here, but for looks this thing absolutely makes a difference and I have been getting compliments ever since the install.


If you are looking for a replacement dash I absolutely think this is the way to go. We may get their CF door trims in the future and will definitely do a review of those as well. If you decide to purchase make sure that you let them know where you heard about them from!