AZN Optics Interior LED Review

In this day in age LED lights for cars are easy and cheap to come by. Most suffer from one of two flaws, Either the glue from the bulbs can't stand up to the high temperatures that the southern united states are used to, or the bulbs are just not bright enough for the cars. 

AZN Optics's wedge LED's suffer from none of the above mentioned issues and the quality of the LED's are amazing. Time will tell if the LED's last but there is no indication that these bulbs will not last.


The entire ordering process was extremely easy. You have two options in terms of placing your order. The first is simply reaching out to the guys at the Azn Optics Forum Profile and sending them a message of what you are looking for. They will send you a PayPal invoice that you can quickly click and purchase. The other option is to simply navigate to their website and add the correct amount of bulbs to the cart and check out.

 Either way you purchase the bulbs, the units will normally ship within a day of purchase. In my experience the LED's will arrive in just a few days in a small box with a pair of bulbs sealed in an ESD safe bag.


Installation was extremely simple with the exception of one bulb in the trunk. There are a few tricks that you need to know about however.

This light is one of the simplest ones to remove, simply use a flathead screwdriver and get in between the light and the carpet once out twist the bulb housing a quarter turn counter clockwise and pull it out. Once you have the housing free simply grab the bulb and pull straight out and replace it with the new LED.     

This one is exactly the same as the easy trunk unit. The catch here is that you need to make sure to have the car in the on position to test the lights as this one will not turn on without it.


Follow the same steps as the trunk with this one. The difference here is that the plate itself will come off and leave the housing in the door. Grab the housing from the left and pull the housing out. There are two tabs that hold the housing in you will need to pull the tabs out and the bulb housing will flip out. Simply grab the bulb, pull out and replace.

This one is tricky. You will need to remove the plastic plugs on handle by removing the center and then pulling the plug out. There is one more plug to the left of the light itself that you need to remove. You will then be able to pull the carpet back enough to twist the bulb housing a quarter turn counter clockwise and pull it out. Swap the light and reinstall.



We have discussed quality before, but I would like to add that the pictures really don't do the LED's justice. It's incredible just how much better the trunk and glove box looks with the new LED's. 


In Conclusion AZN Optics make some incredible LED's that are really well built and extremely bright. The bulbs are $19 a piece which is slightly higher than the industry average, but the saying you get what you pay for really rings true to this product. I would absolutely recommend the Led's It really changes the entire atmosphere of the car's interior and compliments the accent lighting when using blue and white setting.