BLACKVUE DR650GW-2CH and Power Magic Pro Dash Cam Review

This day in age documentation is key. With more and more distracted drivers on the road, we are faced with a greater chance of being involved in a wreck and lets face it, no one wants to have to deal with the different stories that inevitably come with each side desperately trying to keep their insurance policy from rising. I'm sure that this is one of the reasons why the dash cam market is expected to reach 4.03 Billion by 2020.

Blackvue is a Korean based company that opened their doors in 2007 specializing in Full HD Dash Cams. They have since grown to become one of the leaders in the Dash Cam Market.



Overall the Cameras are well packaged. The box includes all cables needed as well as additional adhesive pads and adhesive runner clips to aid you in installing your rear camera. The box also includes a quick setup guide, a firmware changes document, and notice about Wifi.

Power Magic Pro

I am going to nitpick here and I say this knowing that they are a Korean based company, but the design of this box is far inferior to the box that the cameras came in. So much so that if I were in a brick and mortar store purchasing these products I would have passed on the Power Magic Pro. I will get into the PMP a little later but felt it important to at least touch on the package design as is such an eye sore compared to their other products. 


For the install we went ahead and followed the installation guide documented here. We recommend you do as well the only thing different that we did was install the Power Magic Pro in the trunk next to the fuse box and extended the cable to run up to the front of the car. This is only because we wanted an easy way to be able to change out the cameras to review different dash cams.

The Software

iPhone App

The iPhone App has actually come a long way in the last 8 months since I received the dash cam. In the past in order to change any settings you would have to log into the local wifi network that was created by the Blackvue and then save and reboot the dash cam after each change that you made. This made the setup very time consuming. Since then you now have the ability to make changes via their cloud manager as well as the local wifi network. You are also able to change the SSID of the local network. The only thing you are forced to use, the local wifi network for is for updating the firmware which can still be a bit tricky.

There is an issue with certain types of SD cards in the unit so I would stick to the SD cards outlined in this forum post here. While the post is from 2014 the issues with the unit freezing are still there. I have tried two 128gb cards, both of which resulted in the camera freezing after about an hour use. 

I am not quite sure what blackvue is trying to do with their paid cloud features it seems like you can get most of the functionality of the camera without actually paying for the extra features.  


Mac Software

The Mac app, has way more features and is where I would recommend working with the video footage. If you are going to judge it based on appearance the Mac app definitely looks antiquated, however the ability to see both cameras at the same time as well as a map and additional data points are well worth the old design. 

A preview of the Mac app can be seen here.

Sample Video