JBSPEED AMG Door Pin Review

I think we can all agree that the cheap plastic door pins in the C450 are an eyesore. Up until now we only really had one other option, the official AMG door pins offered by Mercedes. Fortunately for us JBSPEED has come out with some Door Pins that they claim are almost identical to the official ones. So we decided to spend a little bit of cash to get a set to review. 

Ordering and Shipping

The ordering process was fairly simple to go through. Some vendors from forums try and get you to just send them money via paypal without an invoice. JBSPEED has a fully functioning ecommerce site that allows users the added security of paying via paypal. Up until this point I have had an overall pleasant experience. Where things start to break down is shipping. I placed the order for the door pins on Monday November 30th, I expected for products to be shipped out a day or so after the order was placed. The Pins finally shipped on December 7th a full 7 days after the order was placed. The Pins were shipped via USPS and unfortunately for me the tracking number that I received did not work. I Received the pins on Dec. 14th, seven days after they shipped. All in all it took 14 days to receive the pins. JBSPEED shipped them in a brown envelope and a form fitting black box. 

Initial Impressions

I am actually really impressed at the quality of the pins. They fit extremely well in the doors and provide a near identical match to the OEM versions. I have also created a video of how to remove the door pins and have posted it below.


JBSPEED are selling these replacement pins for $50. The quality of the pins is amazing and it will definitely be a welcomed addition, compared to cheap plastic pins that come with the C450. At 50 dollars they come in $110 cheaper than the OEM versions and $40 cheaper then the pins available on Amazon. If you don't mind the (long) wait, I would definitely say they are worth the purchase.

Pins are available via JBSPEED if you decide to purchase be sure to let them know you heard about them here.