OE Tuning 1/4 mile Track Results

So we have taken the C450 to the Dyno and have gotten the numbers that pretty much back up the OE Tunings claim of incredible performance increases with just their ECU Flash. The next logical step for us is to see how the car performs in the real world. The best way for us to do this is on a quarter mile track. Here we have fine tuned applications to measure the time it takes the car to get down that track and provide the most accurate measurement of real world performance.

To set the stage we got to State Capitol Raceway just outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana right at 10:30 AM. The weather was extremely nice out and the temperature was a cool 62 degrees Fahrenheit out. This provided us with almost the perfect scenario to run our tests.

We ran a total of 3 runs with the c450 before elements beyond our control prevented us from safely running more tests. With the best run under our belt, we were able to get real world numbers for the C450.

The Video

The Results

OE 1:4.jpeg



Best Run:

R/T - .462

60' - 2.027

330 - 5.455

1/8 - 8.239

MPH - 88.80

1000 - 10.628

1/4 - 12.648

MPH - 111.78








With those numbers we are very close to the numbers other forum users are running with a  2011 C63 AMG. I have stated in a previous review, that this particular tune is incredible, it takes this already amazing car to the next level and you will find yourself regretting not getting the tune sooner. If you were on the fence before about getting a tune I hope this helps you pull the trigger.