RW Carbon's Carbon Fiber Mirrors

This day in age some would say carbon is king. It's lighter and it looks better on the car. Some would also say its really hard to make a mirror out of carbon fiber. RW Carbon's mirror covers are not completely carbon fiber. They actually use ABS plastic to mold the mirror and then wrap carbon fiber on top. Doing it this way does not give us the weight reduction a true carbon fiber mirror would but it's also a hell of a lot cheaper. 


I actually purchased the Carbon Fiber Mirrors prior to placing the order for the spoiler, however, RW Carbon was very upfront when I emailed them that they did not have them in-stock at the moment but should have some arriving in a couple of days. This was not made available on the web, so if you are going to order online I would suggest calling in before hand. 

In terms of shipping they ship via FedEx Ground and unfortunately for me mine was caught in the holiday rush and took a little longer to arrive. Not a fault on RW Carbon but more poor luck on my part. The packaging like always was superb.

The product itself was well made and although its not exactly an oem piece they do use the mold to maintain an exact fit.



So installation is pretty simple. Before you start, if you have the night package, know that you are going to need to replace the turn signal indicators that came with the mirror with the OEM ones as the ones that came with them are chrome. 

Chrome vs. Night


To install you are simply going to lift up and pull out on the old shell you can see the placement of the tabs on the new unit. Be careful when you remove it not to damage the connector or break any of the tabs on the inside of the housing. If you are going to be keeping the chrome turn signals, once you remove the old housing you will need to take two screws out of the old unit and transfer it to the new unit. If you you have the night package you will need to also remove the turn signal and place that in the new unit as well.



The quality is great all the issues that I had with the spoiler are now gone. I had one issue with the fitment of the turn signal on drivers side, however, they were kind enough to send me a replacement unit which resolved the issue for me. All in all I would say this is 10 times better than the spoiler. 


Overall, I have to say that the quality and customer service was great with these guys. I would continue to purchase things from them. The fact that the mirrors match the spoiler is great and I really have no issues with the mirrors. I will be receiving the OEM carbon mirrors and spoiler to compare it to in the future but for now these are a great addition to the C450.