RW Carbon's Carbon Fiber Spoiler

When you are looking for carbon fiber spoilers for your C450 you will notice that you really only have two options at the moment. The $700 OEM Spoiler or RW Carbon's $279 Spoiler. But is RW Carbon's Spoiler worth the money and should you choose it over the OEM spoiler? That's exactly what we intend to find out.


RW Carbon has a great website with pics of the product as well as a generous amount of product in stock. Ordering from them resulted in me having a spoiler in my hands in about 5 days. The order process is pretty straight forward and customer service was pretty great. The spoiler came in sufficiently packaged with two layers of bubble wrap inside an additional layer of foam wrapping.  Missing from the box and not by accident is adhesive tape used to mount the spoiler. When asked about the lack of tape I received:

Correct the spoiler won't come with the tape. For the tape we recommend the outdoor/permanent mounting 3M/scotch brand tape. 

Not a huge deal but when you are buying a spoiler you normally are under the assumption that the tape will come with the unit. 


So the hardest thing about installing the unit is removing the spoiler. Mercedes definitely used some high quality tape. I actually had to have my detailer come and detail the car to get all the leftover residue out, but while he was working is magic I went inside our office to apply the tape. I simply ran two strips of tape down the spoiler and filled in the a few spots in the center. After looking at how the spoiler rested on the car I added some additional pieces to the back bit that rests on the back side of the trunk. If I had more time and some felt tape I would have probably used that for this part instead. Once I was satisfied with the amount of tape I had used, I got out a tape measure and some masking tape and laid out where I wanted the spoiler to sit. After that it was as simple as applying a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the area, removing the second side of the tape, and applying pressure to get firm contact between the car and the spoiler.


As for the quality I am a bit torn here. You have to keep in mind that the spoiler is retailing for $279. With that in mind the spoiler actually looks great on the car. It is no where near the quality of the OEM version and there are issues with it, however for the price you can't beat it. Below are some pictures we have taken in our garage of the spoiler installed.

As for the issues we mentioned above... Well, they are small issues, but this is a review after all so here we go. First, the unit is not solid nor made entirely of carbon fiber. It looks like it may be made of fiberglass and then wrapped in carbon fiber again, not a huge deal from a $279 spoiler, but we would have liked to at least seen the spoiler solid. Second, we noticed that our unit did have some slight imperfections when examining up close. We found that the bottom of the unit was not completely flat and the top did have a few very minor waves in the spoiler, so minor in fact, that the camera couldn't pick it up and they would only be noticeable really staring over the spoiler. Our last issue we had with the spoiler was that it didn't exactly line up with the car. I didn't feel we should have had to install the tape on the back side of the spoiler however again it is a minor issue.


Does this make the car look better? We think so and for about $450 less than the OEM version we think that it's a great buy. If you are anal about everything being perfect or OCD this might not be the product for you. But if you like me just dropped 70k on a car and want a little something extra this is the perfect add on.