Vivid Racing Piggy Back

So let me start off by saying that this company has been great in terms of overall responsiveness to my requests. I got this unit in about a week ago and finally got the unit on the car today (November 7, 2015). At $1000 it comes in at one of the cheaper tunes available at the moment. So let's dive in and go over the specs and install.



Here I actually had some issues with the initial instructions. There are two key steps to the install that were missing from the instructions. Installation instructions can be found here. Once you get to step 5a you need to remove this plastic hose.

The instructions also say "The air filter box is only attached with some clips. Please carefully release and lift the air filter box." What they don't tell you is that the clips are actually the same suction cup design that holds the cover plate on. All you have to do is lift up and the air filter will dislodge from the clips. 

One other thing to note is to make sure that you a) note the top and bottom of each connection and b) make sure that they are securely fastened. This second can be a bit tricky as some of the sensors are in rather tight locations, however failure to do so could result in your check engine light tripping. 

Full Disclosure: I did have to take my car into Mercedes due to my car not running right only to find out a sensor wasn't fully connected. so make sure they are on good.

The overall time to install was about 30 minutes and seemed to be fairly easy to me.


In terms of performance the dyno results are in and three things are prevalent. First, it looks like the Tune learns from itself, providing better results the more you run it. I ran it on the dyno 3 times and each provided better results. I plan on running it one more time next week to see if i get even more out of the car. The second is that the internal stats lie... Meaning the numbers shown on the digital display differ the results of the dyno not a huge surprise here, but the fact that the digital display actually performed worse with the tune on which was surprising. The third is that the tune actually provides some incredible numbers below are the videos of the digital display as well as well as the dyno results.

Car was tested in 4th gear with manual mode engaged and in sport + mode. Car used 93 Octane gas. Green lines are stock specs, Lines with dots are torque.
Ambient Conditions: 76f, 60% humidity, 30.02 baro


I am actually extremely impressed with this tune. The support I received with the Vivid Racing was actually extremely helpful. I would have liked a photo or description of where they mounted the tuner box, however every other question I had was answered in a timely fashion. The cables themselves are quality cables i did not feel they were cheaply made at all. Is it worth the 1000 dollar price tag? Absolutely. Should you purchase this tune? I think so they fact that the added bypass provides for easy removal of the tune when bringing it into the shop for warranty work is a huge plus and the numbers are impressive.