Phone Call with AMR Performance

AMR is a company that we have been keeping an eye on for quite some time now. They are the only tuning company that we know of that purchases a car for R&D instead of using customer cars to do so. They are located here in the states and manufacture everything locally as well, which should give them an advantage over the competition. Up until now we haven't had the opportunity to sit down with these guys and talk shop. This was mostly due to each of our busy schedules, but today we had the time to talk and get to know these guys a little better. 

I have to say that, after speaking with Robert via phone today, I am impressed and excited to see what they have been working on. As of right now the only thing available is their ECU tune which is about to get a whole lot better. Robert and the guys have been working hard in the shop to fine tune their stage one system as best they can and from what I hear they have done an excellent job at tweaking it to bring even better results to the table. Expect to see version 2 of their tune in the coming days and for those of you who already have AMRs flash on your ECU the update will be free of charge.

While AMR is working hard on Stage 1 and 2 ECU tunes rest assured that they have a lot more under their sleeve than tunes. Expect to see big things from this company in the future and keep an eye on them. We know that we will!

Also, many of you have been asking for a review of the AMR ECU tune we are working on getting them a ECU in the upcoming weeks and will have a full review up once we have had time to really test the tune out.