A meeting with Renntech

This past weekend I had the pleasure to meet with the president of Renntech out in New Orleans Louisiana. He was participating in a 24 hour endurance race and had about an hour to sit down with us and chat. 

We learned a few things regarding the C43 and its history. First Hartmut Feyhl (that's his name) was originally from Germany working for AMG prior to the Mercedes merger. He moved to the states (Chicago to be specific) to head up the North American division of AMG. A few short years later they would close down the plant, but as Martmut to stay behind to work on the customer base in America. Mr. Feyhl would eventually accept the proposal under the terms that he be allowed to open his own business which is where Renntech was born.

Now that we got the backstory out of the way, many people are up in arms about the C43 and its deviation from AMGs "one man one engine" moniker the truth is this is not the first time AMG has deviated in fact its not the first time with the C class the original C43 featured a modified version of Mercedes engine that came out of the E430 sedan.

We discussed other things as well, including the possibility of a discounted rate for c450 tunes for our viewers. While we can't say much at this time, stay tuned for some additional announcements in the near future.