More Information on CarPlay

We have managed to get our hands on some more internal documents regarding Apples Carplay in the Mercedes line this time in the form of a training document.  There is a lot of information in the 21 page document, including what carplay is, what vehicles are going to have it, how to access it, and the things that you can do with it. 

There are two things that stand out to us in this document is on one of the pages the text "no retrofits" is written in red at the top of the screen, implying that we aren't going to see any adapters coming to current cars to make them carplay enabled. (See pic below)

The second thing to note in this document is the use of C Class pictures in the document. 

What no media outlet has talked about yet is how Mercedes retconed Carplay for the C Class and this is something that we are going to touch on for a bit. Back when carplay was announce apple announced that Mercedes was going to be one of the partners bringing carplay to their cars. Mercedes soon put out a video via their website that stated "The 2015 C Class will be one of the first cars to include carplay" now that video has since been taken down, however they did upload other videos of the C Class including a how to on how to actually use car play in your car. They have taken that one down as well, however, someone has managed to grab it and upload it to their personal YouTube channel. 

Additionally, numerous car bloggers reported on how the C Class would get Carplay including Autobytel, as well as a few review videos :

Now Mercedes themselves were posting videos about this up until around April of 2015 however, all of those videos have since been removed from the internet. 

For many of us the Apple Carplay feature was one of the main features we purchased the car and while we were told it wasn't going to be available when we purchased the car the dealerships, according to numerous sources were telling buyers that it would in fact be available via a software update at a later time. Now we are seeing everyone step away from their prior statements and simply say something to the effect of "i'm sorry but this feature will not be available for your model"

As for why Mercedes chose to retcon Carplay for the C Class we can only speculate maybe it was because the product was not quite ready or maybe they wanted to bring the feature to their higher end lines first. Whatever the reason it has left many people filling swindled and promised something that they will never receive.