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When it comes to Mods for the C450 we are really lacking in a lot of areas. This is probably due to how new the car is, however, it seems like every couple of days a new player is joining the modding game for the C450. is currently working on a Turbo Kit for the CLA200 which will bring its numbers closer to the CLA45 AMG. Now we know you didn't come here to find out about the CLA so we will skip to the good stuff. We reached out to to inquire as to if they plan on bringing their turbo game to the C450 market and surprisingly they said yes. After they have finished with the CLA they do in fact plan to move on to the C450. has been around since 2001 specializing in turbos for a range of cars. Recently they have decided to take on the Mercedes market with a Turbo Kit package that includes an ECU Remapping for around 5k. Gone are the days that you are forced to spin $15,000-$20,000 on a new turbo kit from Renntech. With Turbokits you now have a more cost effective route that you are able to take.

After speaking with TurboKits they expect their C450 kit to align with the same pricing structure as the CLA, however, they have not started R&D yet so those numbers are purely speculation. In terms of gains they are seeing about 100WHP from the CLA which is great news for those of us who want to get our fuel efficient 6 Cylinder close to its AMG brother.

We plan on helping them out buy sending them a ECU for them to play with and would love to know what you think about their potential entry into the market.