C450AMG.com Update

Thank You

We would like to start off by saying thank you to everyone who visits this site. Without you this site would not exist. We have grown exponentially in the past months to the point that we are averaging 1500 unique visitors a week. This is huge as it gives us confirmation that the reviews and info we put out on our site is in fact the information you are looking for. 

Website Update

We have been working hard on the website and are adding things to each of the pages daily. We are monitoring the forums hourly providing helpful information for users there, but more importantly adding that data to the FAQ section of the website as well. 


Reviews are where a lot of our traffic is going and as a result, we will be working hard to continuously update and add new reviews to the site. I would like to offer you some insight on what's coming in terms of reviews.

ECU Tunes

Everyone is asking for more reviews on tunes. I want all of you to know we hear you and they are coming. We are currently running through the break in periods of some of our other C450's as well as sourcing out pricing on additional ECU's for our existing review C450's. As soon as either one of these happens more tunes will be reviewed. 


We are currently purchasing door pins, carbon fiber parts, as well as additional aftermarket accessories to review that will fill the gap until we are able to start reviewing additional ECU Tunes. 

Exhaust Systems

We will start reviewing exhaust systems in the beginning of March with Meisterschaft's Exhaust System. We have also reached out to Eisenmann who's exhaust will be available in April and will hopefully review their unit as well.

Stage 2 ECU Tunes

Once the exhaust systems are installed, we will be able to move onto stage 2 exhaust system reviews and we can't wait to see how much power we can get out of this amazing car.

How can you help?

Well, that's simple first keep visiting the site. Keeping our site counts high keep our spirits up and affirm us that what we are doing is making a difference. Additionally, it gives us a leg to stand on when reaching out to vendors for review units. If you see a product that you would like us to review reach out to us and let us know where to find it so that we can get our hands on it. Reaching out to the vendor and asking them if/when c450amg.com will be reviewing their product also helps vendors see that people view this site as a reputable site and respect the reviews that we put out. 

A ray of hope for those dash replacement users

Many of you know the trouble with replacing the center console. If you haven't and want to know what we are talking about Click Here to see the forum post about it. I have been doing my own independent research on this topic and have finally found a company that will wrap the Piano Black console (without the clock) with actual carbon fiber (not vinyl). The overall cost of this is going to be around the price of the actual carbon fiber trim piece from Mercedes, however you will not need to purchase a 300ish dollar clock as well as a 200 dollar switch block which will save you around $500 dollars additionally you will be able to keep your existing center console as this cost come with a new one. I will have more info on this in the near future after I order it, but look forward to this being a slightly cheaper alternative to the expensive OEM version.