AMR Review (and more) Coming Soon

It's been a while since we made a non product review post, but today we sent off one of our ECU's to the folks at AMR Performance for their stage 1 tune. We are expecting it back and on our dyno next week and can't wait to hit the road and the track and see if this tune is as good as they say it is. 

In addition to the Stage 1 Ecu review, we have been working with Weistec to get our hands on a couple of their down pipes. We are happy to announce that those will be shipped soon and we look forward to sending some more ECU's off for Stage 2 tunes. 

All of this should be on the site in the next few weeks so keep coming back or checking our facebook or twitter for more info!

Sorry for the Lack of Content

Good afternoon everyone,

I just wanted to reach out to everyone and let everyone know that we are still here and are getting ready to push out a bunch of new content. 

The reason for the lack of content was due to a death in the family. About 2 weeks I received a call from my mother that my grandfather was not doing well. At the time I dropped everything and drove the 300 miles to be with him and my grandmother. Sunday before last he past and we buried him last Wednesday. It has been a rough couple of weeks, but I am back and trying my best to get back on my feet and keep this amazing community going.

We have two reviews that should drop this week and another next all exhaust reviews. We took our time with them to make sure that they hit all the right topics. Please feel free to reach out with any questions that you may have that you would like answered in the reviews.

AMR Performance Stage 1 Update

Yesterday we wrote about AMRs upcoming revision to their stage 1 ecu tune. Well, today they announce that it is available to the public. According to AMR

"The new revision further enhances the vehicles capabilities. Bumping horsepower gains from +65hp (revision 1.01c) to +106-110hp and torque gains from +105tq (revision 1.01c) to +130tq. We also addressed the "dip" in the early torque band and horsepower dip at redline that is noticeable on even competitors tune(s)."

This is great news for anyone in the market for ECU upgrades. We are going to be sending in an ECU for flashing soon and can't wait to try the tune out ouselves.

Phone Call with AMR Performance

AMR is a company that we have been keeping an eye on for quite some time now. They are the only tuning company that we know of that purchases a car for R&D instead of using customer cars to do so. They are located here in the states and manufacture everything locally as well, which should give them an advantage over the competition. Up until now we haven't had the opportunity to sit down with these guys and talk shop. This was mostly due to each of our busy schedules, but today we had the time to talk and get to know these guys a little better. 

I have to say that, after speaking with Robert via phone today, I am impressed and excited to see what they have been working on. As of right now the only thing available is their ECU tune which is about to get a whole lot better. Robert and the guys have been working hard in the shop to fine tune their stage one system as best they can and from what I hear they have done an excellent job at tweaking it to bring even better results to the table. Expect to see version 2 of their tune in the coming days and for those of you who already have AMRs flash on your ECU the update will be free of charge.

While AMR is working hard on Stage 1 and 2 ECU tunes rest assured that they have a lot more under their sleeve than tunes. Expect to see big things from this company in the future and keep an eye on them. We know that we will!

Also, many of you have been asking for a review of the AMR ECU tune we are working on getting them a ECU in the upcoming weeks and will have a full review up once we have had time to really test the tune out.

C450 Meisterschaft Exhaust Video Updates

We are hard at work working on a full review of the Meisterschaft Exhaust System. We know many of you are wondering what it sounds like so we are putting a YouTube Playlist with all of our videos as we take them and upload them to the site.

I have to say that Meisterchaft has done an amazing job with the Exhaust on this car. It no longer sounds like a six cylinder when the valves are open, but also gives you the ability to turn off the drone when on the highways or long hauls. We will update you more in a few, but until then enjoy.

For those of you curious on what the mustang dyno numbers were, it was 384hp/435tq I will have the dyno sheet in the next couple of days and we are putting it on our dyno Friday.

Exhaust Delay

Sorry for the delay. We have made it back to Louisiana but managed to pop a tire hitting a pothole about 30 miles from our office we are currently sitting in the Mercedes dealership at the moment waiting on a new tire. Thank god for wheel and tire protection.  


We will have sound clips and photos up hopefully before the end of the day today.  

AWE's Exhuast System

Today we finally have the first exhaust system for the C450 which comes to use curtesy of AWE Tuning. A lot of information has been announced about the system including the variants that the system comes in. According to AWE they are releasing two complete systems for the C450. A touring edition exhaust which comes with their patented anti drone technology called AWE Tuning 180 Technology. The other system released to day is their track variant which provides slightly higher gains and a louder exhaust note.

In terms of actual gains the Dyno sheets are located below:


AWE's announcement is below:

All the sophistication of the C450 AMG, now with more rumble.


•Max gains of 7 hp and 13 ft-lbs of torque to the crank

•Sophisticated Touring Edition, or more unleashed Track Edition

•Featuring AWE Tuning’s proprietary 180 Technology® drone-canceling solution (Touring Edition)

•Less is more: Clean, straight-through design maximizes performance

•Engineered, designed, and manufactured in-house at AWE Tuning

•Handcrafted, CNC mandrel-bent 2.5” U.S.-sourced T304 stainless steel

•Direct bolt-on system for factory-like simplicity

•No Check Engine Light - Guaranteed

•Perfect Fitment - Guaranteed

•Featuring the AWE Tuning Lifetime Exhaust Warranty


The Options


W205 C450 AMG Touring Edition Exhaust

A bespoke exhaust designed specifically for the W205 C450 AMG, the Touring Edition Exhaust features AWE Tuning’s proprietary drone-cancelling solution, 180 Technology, enabling the perfect tone, minus drone -- delivering the ultimate mix of performance and sophistication. A direct bolt-on, straight-through design, the Touring Edition Exhaust delivers a civil, smooth soundtrack throughout the range while providing an enhanced in-cabin driving experience.

Sound Perfection: AWE Tuning 180 Technology

As exhaust gases exit the W205 C450 AMG engine and flow into an AWE Tuning 180 Technology equipped resonator, they pass through strategically located ports, and into reflection chambers. Sound waves, carried by these exhaust gasses, bounce off the walls of the reflection chambers. By controlling the size and location of the ports and the chambers, we also control when the sound waves exit the chambers. The specific timing of when the reflected sound waves rejoin the main exhaust flow creates a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree out-of-phase sound wave that cancels out problematic frequencies.

It’s sophisticated and disobedient, all in one clean package, thanks to 180 Technology.

W205 C450 AMG Track Edition Exhaust

If you’re all about 100% rowdy 100% of the time, the Track Edition is for you. It’s known to get raucous in the mid-range and could be a little much for many, and for that reason, this system can’t be returned due to sound: so be ready.

The AWE Tuning W205 C450 AMG Track Edition Exhaust takes the engineered design of the Touring Edition Exhaust and replaces the rear AWE Tuning 180 Technology resonators with Track Edition straight pipe sections, delivering an even bigger dose of scream out of the suave sedan.

It’s too loud! (It’s too quiet)

Perfectly engineered upgrade paths so you always have the option. Track Edition and Touring Edition Conversion Kits are available by emailing (insert contact email here).

What’s in the box?

Complete AWE Tuning Touring or Track Edition Exhaust and all required hardware. Factory tips are to be re-used.

MACarbons Carbon Fiber Dash

Today we got word that MACarbon has finished their carbon fiber dash and is shipping one out to us to review. The dash will be her by the end of this week and we plan to install it next Friday.

If you are interested in what this is going to cost they will be selling it for  $1200 with a $375 core exchange. Shipping is actually going to be $38 in the US.

Pics of the unit prior to leaving their facility is below



C450 Meetup

On March 30th we will be flying to Chicago to pickup our car from GTHAUS and make the drive back from Chicago to Slidell. We will be taking the route outlined below on the 31st.


For anyone interested in meeting up comment below if you are not to far our the way we will definetly setup a meetup.  

Along those same lines we are looking at doing an annual meetup for all C450 owners please comment with a location that you would like us to host it at and we will start working on some dates and locations for later this year. 

A meeting with Renntech

This past weekend I had the pleasure to meet with the president of Renntech out in New Orleans Louisiana. He was participating in a 24 hour endurance race and had about an hour to sit down with us and chat. 

We learned a few things regarding the C43 and its history. First Hartmut Feyhl (that's his name) was originally from Germany working for AMG prior to the Mercedes merger. He moved to the states (Chicago to be specific) to head up the North American division of AMG. A few short years later they would close down the plant, but as Martmut to stay behind to work on the customer base in America. Mr. Feyhl would eventually accept the proposal under the terms that he be allowed to open his own business which is where Renntech was born.

Now that we got the backstory out of the way, many people are up in arms about the C43 and its deviation from AMGs "one man one engine" moniker the truth is this is not the first time AMG has deviated in fact its not the first time with the C class the original C43 featured a modified version of Mercedes engine that came out of the E430 sedan.

We discussed other things as well, including the possibility of a discounted rate for c450 tunes for our viewers. While we can't say much at this time, stay tuned for some additional announcements in the near future.

GTHAUS Exhaust Update 2

Today we received more info on the Exhaust process from GTHAUS as well as some additional info that we cannot disclose at this time, needless to say it will make a few people happy. 

In terms of the Exhaust it is being built now and is scheduled to be shipped to GTHAUS on the 18th of this month with our pickup scheduled for the 30th of March at 8:30 cst. We will be live streaming the pickup. 

Also many of y'all have been asking about their results on the Dyno our car averaged 320hp and 470ft/lbs torque at the wheels. Tested on a Mustang Dyno.

C450 Recall Notice

We got news today via that the C450 has a recall due to the Panoramic Sunroof.

According to Edmund:

WASHINGTON — Mercedes-Benz USA is recalling 53 2016 Mercedes-Benz C300, C300 4Matic and C450 AMG 4Matic sedans to fix a problem with the panoramic sunroof, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

"The affected vehicles may be equipped with a panoramic sunroof that may not be properly bonded, allowing the glass to detach and fall from the vehicle during operation," NHTSA said in its recall summary. "If the panoramic glass detaches during vehicle operation, it can increase the risk of injury or crash."

A stop-sale order has been issued on the affected vehicles.

A Mercedes-Benz spokeswoman did not respond immediately to a query from Edmunds asking if there are any injuries or crashes linked to the recall.

In mid-January, parent Daimler AG received two field reports from the U.S. "describing instances in which the rear glass panel of the panoramic sunroof separated from the vehicle while driving," according to a filing with federal safety regulators.

Mercedes-Benz dealers will inspect the bonding of the rear sunroof glass panel, replacing it as necessary. The recall is expected to begin in late March when parts and the required inspection tool become available. Owners can contact Mercedes-Benz customer service at 1-800-367-6372.

Edmunds says: No parts are available at this point. Owners should wait for their official recall notice and then schedule a service appointment with their dealer.

GTHAUS Exhaust Update

As some of you may know we sent one of our C450s to GTHAUS earlier this year to accelerate their Exhaust to market. We have done this in the past and will continue to do this in the future to get more products to market Earlier today I received an update from them with a few photos. They are getting ready to install their exhausts on the car and have done the pre exhaust dyno testing. Below are photos from those tests. They will be done with our car by the 18th of this month and we expect to have more photos and videos to show you in the next week or so.

What we know about the C43 AMG

The C43 AMG is set to release sometime next year and last week we got our first look at the beauty via the Geneva Auto Show. In terms of specs a few things were released so we will cover what we know at this time.

What's the Same:

Well the engine has not changed in the C Class convertible it will be the same 362 hp, 384 lb.-ft biturbo 3.0-liter V6. It also doesn't look like they have changed any of the interior with this unit either not surprising there.

What's Different:

Well, here we have a few things cosmetically the rear end looks way better in our opinion compared to their coupe version that they released earlier this year. A pic can be found below:

Additionally, we now have an additional AMG logo on the grill

We also found out that under the hood there are a few changes for starters the standard 4Matic all-wheel drive system has been updated from 33-66 front-rear bias to a 31-69 front-rear bias.

While not specific to the C43 all convertibles will receive a new 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission.


All of this makes up a slightly better 0-60 time of 4.3 seconds.

MA Carbons dash quick pic

So some of you may know that I have been working with a few companies to make some new products for the c450. MA Carbon happens to be one of them. One of my main issues with my build is that I did not opt for the carbon fiber dash when I placed the order. And with all the issues getting the clock to work it seemed like I wouldn't be able to get it at all and I would in fact be stuck with the black trim. Well the guys at MA Carbon seemed to have came through in a big way by wrapping the dash in true carbon fiber (not vinyl) thus alleviating the need to deal with the clock. Here is a quick pic of what they sent me I still haven't received it yet so a full review will be posted soon.