This website started as just another site for people to find the information they were looking for, for their car. It has since become the one stop shop for everything C450 related. 

Our Goal: To provide as much information regarding the C450 as we can possibly find. To provide unbiased reviews of all products related to C450. To become a platform and destination for users to share car photos and meetups.

Below are the members of our C450 AMG Website:


Name: Seth Hollier

Location: Slidel, La

Age: 26

About Me: I have had a passion for Mercedes all of my life. I have since personally owned 3 Mercedes now and have always had a habit of modifying and tweaking them. I started this website to help people find everything they could possibly be looking for. I own an Apple IT firm with employees that have blessed me with the ability to venture out and start doing the things I love.