E63 S AMG Modifications and Accessories

The Mods section is broken into sections Internal, External, Engine Tuning and Exhaust Modifications.

AMG and Genuine Accessories:

Internal Accessories:

External Accessories:

Carbon Fiber Parts:


Engine Tuning:

Piggy Back Systems

Turbo/cooling upgrades:




Blow off Valves

Exhaust Systems:

Additional 3rd Party Accessories:

radar detectors

  • Valentine 1 $399 - This radar detector has been on the market for years and is viewed as one of the best radar detectors on the market under $500

Escort Passport Max 360 $649 - Another great radar detector we suggest calling in however as we have been able to score $50 off when chatting with someone for a few minutes

Laser jammers

  • AL Priority $749-$1599 - This jammer is upgradable and provides the best protection according to numerous sources. They are marketed as parking sensors

Dash cameras


Blackvue DR650GW 2 Channel - Great Camera with great software for the computer however the mobile app has issues. We have an installation guide available, Blackvue How to Guide, and a review will be up shortly.