C450 Amg Modifications and Accessories

The Mods section is broken into sections Internal, External, Engine Tuning and Exhaust Modifications. 


AMG and Genuine Accessories:

Here is the link for all the AMG accessories for the W205 platform


Here is the link for the Genuine C Class Accessory Guide


AMG Door Pins: Currently Priced at $40 per pin at the Dealership, Amazon has them available for $90 a set here


AMG and Vorsteiner Style Trunk Spoilers $160-170 via JBSpeed vendor -  More information can be found by visiting This Forum Page

Mud Flaps, Front and Rear $211 (painted and shipped) -  If you're tired of mud and anything else on your car here you go. More info located Here

Brabus Front Spoiler $1195

Brabus Rear Skirt $1195 - After speaking with Brabus this rear skirt will not work on the car at this time. Will update when more information is made available.

Brabus Rear Trunk Spoiler $695 - 

Carlsson.  Follow the link to see what is available for the C450 platform. 

H&R Lowering SpringsApprox. lowering: 30 mm

Carbon Fiber Parts

RW Carbon

Carbon Fiber Mirror Replacements $459.95 - These are actual replacement units for the mirrors they do sell a cheaper mirror cover as well. This Unit includes the turn signal in it.

Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers $189.95 - These are mirror covers they are applied using 3m double sided tape.

Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler $279.95 - RW Carbon QC tests all spoilers before shipping.

Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler $599.95 -  Not quite available as they are going through fitment issues with this unit at the moment.

JP Carbon

Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers $69.00 - Another set of mirror covers

Engine Tuning:

Vivid Racing Piggy Back $1000 - This Piggy Back connects directly to your ECU, Fuel Pressure sensor, Boost Pressure sensor, Manifold Pressure sensor, and Camshaft Sensor increase your horsepower to an estimated 438 BHP and 580 NM. More information will be found Here in our blog post reviewing the unit.

RENNtech Flash $2,240 + shipping -  ECU tune increases performance from 362 HP and 384 lb/ft torque, up to an astonishing 402 HP and 454 lb/ft at the crank!

OE Tuning $1195 - Although this is made for the C400 it has been confirmed that it will work for the c450 coming in at 448 hp and 533 torque these guys are boasting some of the biggest gains. Our review on this tune can be found here.

KLEEMAN $1495- end result is the same as the C400- about 410 HP, 415 TQ on USA pump fuel.

BRABUS PowerXtra CGI B30-410 $280 -  Base C 450 AMG +32 kW / 43 hp, +50 Nm to 302 kW / 410 PS, 570 Nm Vmax: 280 km/h

BR Performance $1267 - Basically stage 1 + 33hp / 100 nm

Agency Power $1000 - Tuned Power: 405 BHP | 432 FT/LB

Burger Motorsports Tune $379.00 - No numbers are available at this time. It should be noted that we did reach out to Burger to get a review unit and we they responded with "

It's sound like its a bit busy over there with all the other tuners. Probably not the marketing approach, we're looking for."

AMR Performance Tune $1999.99 - These guys are quoting performance gains of  +55-65hp and 100-110tq




GTS (Ultimate Racing) $3147.00 - Optional Cat-back LSR pipe (C400/450 Only) $1998

GTC (EV Controlled) $3647.00 - Optional Cat-back LSR pipe (C400/450 Only) $1998, GTC Wireless Remote Control $150

Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH is planning to develop an exhaust system for the MB C450AMG too. The expected market release is planned for April 2016.

AWE Performance - Not yet out, but have been teasing the release of their new downpipes back exhaust system for the C450 which is set to debut at the end of March 2016


Additional Performance Mods:

RENNtech Toe Link Kit for AMG Models $940 - Adding a RENNtech toe link kit maintains stability at high speed, ensures the vehicle tracks straight under heavy acceleration as well as properly positions the car's suspension under heavy cornering and braking loads.

Performance Air Filter $229 - BMC air filters are designed and produced to ensure a higher air flow than original paper filters. In F1, for example, BMC cotton filters minimize the loss of air flow pressure passing through the air filter; this way ensures the best conditions for full exploitation of maximum power. Therefore the benefits of replacing the original paper filter with BMC cotton air filter, produced using the same technology and materials as the F1 air filters, are evident.


Additional 3rd Party Accessories

Radar Detectors

Valentine 1 $399 -

Escort Passport Max 360 $649 -

Laser Jammers

AL Priority $749-$1599 - This jammer is upgradable and provides the best protection according to numerous sources. They are marketed as parking sensors