Does the AMG Steering wheel stitching match your interior?

It should be noted, all AMG Steering wheels come with black stitching; However, if you purchase your car with red stitching only the steering will will have red stitching. 

                                        Default Steering Wheel                                                                                                                                        AMG Steering Wheel



Do you know the offset of the C450 OEM wheels?

2016 Mercedes C450

18” Factory Wheels/Tires

5-DOUBLE SPOKE WHEEL FRONT AXLE 7,5J X 18 H2 ET 33 5x112 (A 205 401 48 00 7X23), 225/45R18
5-DOUBLE SPOKE WHEEL REAR AXLE 8,5J X 18 H2 ET 49 5x112 (A 205 401 72 00 7X23), 245/40R18

19” Factory Wheels/Tires

SPLIT 5-SPOKE WHEEL FRONT AXLE 7,5J X 19 H2 ET 33 5x112 (A 205 401 49 00 7X23), 225/40R19 93Y
SPLIT 5-SPOKE WHEEL REAR AXLE 8,5J X 19 H2 ET 52 5x112 (A 205 401 65 00 7X23), 255/35R19 96Y

Front rotor - 14.2”; rear rotor - 12.6”

On a related note, TSW Wheels (parent of Mandrus)  was one of the few manufacturers that actually had our vehicle listed in their fitment tool, but unfortunately, most of what is listed on their site either doesn't work or probably won't work. I ordered a set of 18x8" Nurburgring wheels listed on their site as something that will fit, but as I suspected would be the case, the offset of +45 doesn't work with the front (didn't even try the back). We were able to get the wheel on and it would freely spin, but as soon as it was cranked down, the wheel hit the steering knuckle (I think that is what it hit). Using the offset calculators, I think the wheel was in closer to the suspension by 19mm... might have been able to get by with an 8" wheel at ET40 or less, assuming the wheel would clear the caliper (which this wheel did).

The offset is dependent on the hub dimensions and placement on the wheel, so comparing the offsets of two different types of wheels is an apples to oranges comparison.


Is there a way to keep the car on when remote starting the vehicle?

No Per a phone call with Mercedes Mbrace

The system is designed to turn off your car upon unlocking the vehicle. This prevents someone from "stealing your expensive car"


do the rear headrests obstruct the rear window visibility? Can the headrests be removed or folded down?

After a few miles I thought, 'gee, all 3 of those are right in my line of sight, out the rear window.' After I got back there and pushed them all down it was fine.


How do you fully deactivate esp?

ESP can be partially turned off using a button located on your center console, however to fully turn ESP of it requires a few more steps, This Video will show you how. 


I have ordered my new car now how do I track it?

Unfortunately, there is now way for you to track it directly, however you can get your dealers to tell you what the current status of your build is. They should be able to provide a code similar to the following:


(B4 is when you get your VIN).

Is there anyway to keep it the car in sport + or Individual Mode?

The Drive mode from previous shutdown cannot be retained.  However, if the previous drive mode was Sport+, the car will start up with a more aggressive exhaust note, while starting the car up in Drive Mode - Comfort.   More information is in this thread about it here.

Note: If you want it to roar and the time since you last turned off has elapsed, you have to hit the Start/Stop button twice without your foot on the brake, blip the Dynamic Select switch forwards twice to get into S+ and then apply brake and re-hit the Start/Stop button.


how do I get the analog clock on the dash?

In order to receive the analog clock on the dash you must purchase one of the premium trim options. This includes the Wood trim options as well as the carbon fiber options.

Can i replace my trim with carbon fiber after i take delivery?

yes cost for parts are $1790 direct from the dealer and it takes about an hour and a half for the dealership to install it.

How do I remove the Center Console

A forum post about this can be found here

does anyone know what music file format is supported in the C450? For sure MP3 but does it handle the losseless format of music like flac?

I don't believe it will support FLAC via SD card. From the manual:COMAND supports the following formats:
RMPEG1 Audio Layer 3 (MP3)
RMicrosoft Windows Media Audio V8 and V9
(WMA) without copy protection
Microsoft Windows Media Audio V2, V7, V8
and V9 (WMA)
Radditional music files in AAC format with
the file extensions .aac, .mp4, .m4a
and .m4b, but not copy-protected iTunes
music files with the extension .m4p

However, it does support both bluetooth streaming (which won't end up lossless obviously) and has an Aux port, so if you have files already in FLAC format and don't want to convert, you can still find ways to play them.

How do you remove the door pins?

 I would suggest rolling the glass down in case your pliers slip off the pin and hit the glass. Just grip hard turn counter clockwise and lift up while removing. They will finally come off


Do we have launch control on the c450?

As for as I am aware the c450 does not have launch control.


Is the Suspension on the C450 the same as on the C400?

The c450 uses conventional sport tuned steel suspension comparing to the c400 airmatic suspension is not as comfortable and no height adjustment. The ride in c450 is more stiff.

 4-wheel multilink suspension
The 4-wheel independent suspension of the C-Class Sedan features a redesigned 4-link front axle with lightweight aluminum components, and further evolution of the standard-setting 5-arm multilink rear design.

AMG performance 4MATIC all-wheel drive
AMG has developed a version of 4MATIC® that obliterates every notion concerning the performance potential of all-wheel drive. A 33:67 front/rear torque split assures an ideal balance of power delivery under hard acceleration and coming out of corners. In the Sport handling mode of the multistage ESP®, Torque Vectoring Brake further helps to prevent unwanted understeer. In every driving condition, AMG 4MATIC enhances grip and acceleration while preserving agility and driving fun. (Disclaimer)

AMG Adaptive Sport Suspension
The AMG Adaptive Sport Suspension responds with equal skill to the demands of the racetrack, city streets, highways and back roads. Lighter and more rigid than the standard C-Class, its AMG-developed springs and electronically controlled shock absorbers deliver highly responsive tracking and cornering with a balance of comfort and control, even as driving conditions vary. Three driver-selectable modes (Comfort, Sport and Sport+) also adapt the steering feedback.

Exclusive front axle and wider track
The AMG-developed front axle features exclusive track-tuning with beefier, more rigid components and exclusive geometry. Revision of the suspension elastokinematics and the steering profile increase negative camber and driver feedback, for higher grip and stability when cornering at high speed, and greater precision under virtually all conditions.


Is the Engine data in command real time data?

The short answer is no. I did reach out to a rep with Mercedes corp. and this is what they said "The referenced Engine Data screen shows what the hp/torque output is based on a number of variables, including engine speed and throttle input, but it is all based on factory settings, and therefore will not update if the customer implements aftermarket modifications."


Is ENgine data available without Command?

No Engine data is only available in Command and not Audio 20.


Does the c450 have an oil cooler and how to i check oil temp?

Per a rep at Mercedes Corp. "The C450 AMG does have an oil cooler, but there is not a customer facing oil temperature gauge for the C450."


Can my dealership check to see if i flashed my ecu?

According to multiple sources no dealership in the US has the ability to access raw data from the ECU. In order for a dealership to check if your cars ECU has been flashed, it must be sent to Germany for analysis. 


How do you reset the service indicator?

Sit in the car and close the door.
Turn the ignition to position 1.
Get the instrument cluster to the screen where the odometer is displayed.
Press the left button once to highlight "trip".
Press and hold the "accept call" button.
While holding the "accept call" button press and hold the "OK" button.
After several seconds the service menu should come up.
Scroll to assist.
At this point it should be self explanatory... Full service, yes, confirm...
Back out or cycle the ignition to exit the service menu 

Also apply the keyless entry model

How do i disable the touchpad?

Placing your hand on the touchpad for a few seconds will temporarily disable the touch pad, but for a permanent fix,  go Under vehicle settings, scroll all the way down and there will be system settings, inside there is touchpad if you click into that you have "an activate touchpad option".


Does the c450 have built in wifi?

Yes the c450 is equipped with built in wifi activated through MBrace Entertain. It's important to know that the wifi is extremely slow. It is also worth noting that the MBrace system is only available in the USA. In Canada for an example, it's not available. All the options in Command under Web are not available and ask to pair Bluetooth a phone, even if one is already connected. According to one user "That whole section is completely useless to us Canadians."


 Is the rear differential an open or limited slip (mechanical and/or electronic) type?

According to early reports the C450 has a mechanical limited-slip differential. However, recent documentation has stated otherwise we are in the process of finding the correct information.


How do you remove the Door panels?

A forum post about this can be found here


Is the c450 eligible for the AMG Purchase Reward Program's complimentary BASIC registration at the AMG Driving Academy?

As of now this is reserved for the AMG performance cars . Anything with the "hand-built" "one man, one engine" vehicle. So the Answer is no...