Here are some FAQs that we have come across on the forums

Here is a great thread over at MBworld that has a bunch of hints/tips for the w205.  Some apply to the AMG and some do not.


How do you Enable Dyno mode?

  • Turn Ignition to Position 1
  • Make sure odometer is on the screen between the gauges
  • Press and hold "Answer call" and "Ok" together 
  • After about 5 seconds a new menu will appear on the screen (this is the same menu to reset service notice).
  • Go to "Roller test"  
  • Check off the box and BE CAREFUL, this turns off all the computer assistance(esp, tcs, abs)
  • Note, this menu will stay active as long as the car is left on. It will show up as a new menu selection "workshop"

How do you Turn off ESP?

  • Press the ESP button to go into "sport" mode,  then hold for an additional few seconds until "ESP OFF" notice flashes.  A new icon will show up in the gauge cluster as long as it is still off.

Can you flash the ECU via OBD2?

At this time no,  the newer cars have military grade encryption that has not been broken.  Bench flashing(remove and flash) or installing a piggyback are the only options at this time.  Tuners are more than likely working on cracking that code, however similar encryption on other cars took 4-5 years to break-so don't hold your breath.

What are the differences between a flash and piggyback?

A real ECU flash involves reprogramming the software on the car.  Factory mapping is left but modified to make more power. Basically the same thing MB does between the C63 and C63S, same motor just tuned to output more power.

The Good:

  • Reprograms entire ECU so all the safegaurds are left in place. 
  • Top speed limit removed
  • Allows adjustment for modifications like downpipes
    • a tuner told me they can add more or less of the "burble" from the exhaust, so more customization is possible
  • Get the most HP and TQ possible. 

The Bad:

  • must remove ECU(see below) and send to a tuner
  • expense (flash and labor to remove ECU)  
  • can not be easily removed for any issues or updates. 

A piggyback involves connecting a box to sensors that tricks the ECU into making more power.  Basically it tells the ECU that it needs to make more boost and conditions are ideal.  While there has been no issues and people have had great results its possible that issues can arise. 

The good:

  • The price of the unit and install is about 1/3 of the Flash
  • Can remove for service
  • Comes with an override attachment which puts the car back to stock(leaves the wiring harness).
  • No evidence once removed.  

The Bad:  

  • Not as much HP and TQ as the Flashes
  • No "stages" for additional modifications
  • Does not add any other features like the flash does.

Is the ECU easy to remove?

NO!! for both the C63 and C63s they placed the ECU in a hard to reach location.   We had been told its a 3-5 hour process but now have found out that it can be squeezed out in about an hour.  Once we find out the details we will share.

* TIP  If you are planning on doing downpipes get them done at the same time as the flash.  Since you must drop the engine and Trans to install the DPs you will have access to the ECU and can get it removed and flashed.  It will also get you the max gains since most tuners have a special "catless" tune.    

Is a Piggyback easy to install?

The piggybacks at this time are pretty simple, a box, 5 connections to sensors, and power connection. It connects to Cam shaft, 2 MAP sensors, and 2 Boost sensors which are located on either side of the engine.  There is a cover over the wire bundle where these plugs are, which makes this install a bit of a nightmare.  If you are going to attempt this install yourself, you should give yourself 2-3 hours min. Its not going to be something simple to remove and then install each time you need to go to the dealer.

 There are some good tips and hints on this thread over at MBWORLD

What are benefits of getting an S model over the non S?

  • Increase in HP due to ECU calibration
  • Active Engine mounts
  • Electronic rear differential.
  • Addition of Race mode (one step more aggressive then sport+)
  • Larger Brakes Front Brakes (19" wheels standard to fit them)
  • Some options on the non S are standard on the S (changes between model years)
  • Some outside hints such as color on trim

What is the optional "dynamic exhaust"?  how does it compare in loudness to the standard exhaust

The C63 and the C63 both come with a standard "AMG SPORT" exhaust.  This exhaust has a ECU controlled valve in the H pipe section (up front).  The Valve in the front will open and close depending on throttle position, drive mode, and speed.  

You can also option a "Dynamic performance exhaust" from the factory for $1250.  This system has 3 electronic valves,  the same ECU controlled one in the H pipe as well as 2 additional ones in the rear mufflers.  This option gives you a button in the center console that allows you to control if the 2 rear valves are open or closed.  It is also toggled when changing to sport+ or race mode.

As far as loudness.  Dynamic w/valves closed is the quietest, Sport exhaust is in the middle, and Dynamic w/vavles open is the loudest. 

Here is a picture of the stock Dynamic and AWE Switchpath muffler.  You can see they both have two outlets and the stock one(right) has a motor attached to it.  When the valve is open the exahaust flows out the large pipe and bypasses the baffles in the muffler.  when the valve is closed it must pass through the baffles and out the small pipe. 



How do i perform a Race start? (launch control)

  • Make sure car is at operating temperature (not blue)
  • Cannot be in comfort mode.
  • Stop car and make sure steering wheel is straight.
  • Hold brake with left foot and pull both paddles.
  • Message will ask you to "confirm race start" by pulling the upshift paddle.
  • Use your right foot and depress gas all the way.  Car will rev to about 3500 and hold there.
  • You will see a countdown at the top of the display, release the brake before timer runs out.

My Remote start will not work, why is that?

First and most common issue is that a setup call must be made to MBrace.  To do this press the wrench button on the overhead console and speak to a representative about auto start, they will then activate it on thier side.  If you have done this and it still will not work there are also these possible issues;

  • Doors are not locked
  • Key in ignition
  • Vehicle is not in "park"
  • Doors, windows, sunroof, trunk, or hood are not closed
  • Hazards are on
  • Less then 5 gallons of fuel
  • Car has been started remotely twice already
  • Car or phone does not have adequate cell service

Is there a way to keep the car from shutting off when you open the door after a remote start?

No per a phone call with Mercedes Mbrace

The system is designed to turn off your car upon unlocking the vehicle. This prevents someone from "stealing your expensive car"

How do you pull up the Engine data screen(digital gauge cluster)?

  • Engine must be running
  • Hit the Car button (between "TEL" and Hazards)
  • Scroll to DYNAMIC SELECT
  • Choose engine data

How accurate is the info on the "engine data" screen?  Will it change after modifications?

The short answer is no. I did reach out to a rep with Mercedes corp, and this is what they said "The referenced Engine Data screen shows what the hp/torque output is based on a number of variables, including engine speed and throttle input, but it is all based on factory settings, and therefore will not update if the customer implements aftermarket modifications."

We did test this out after installing a piggyback, HP only ever went up to 503 which was the same as stock.  However if there is an issue with the car it will show that it is not making proper power.

I have ordered my new car now how do I track it?

Unfortunately, there is now way for you to track it directly, however you can get your dealers to tell you what the current status of your build is. They should be able to provide a code similar to the following:


(B4 is when you get your VIN).

Is there anyway to have the car stop reverting to Comfort mode after shutting off?

Due to fuel economy regulations the car will always start in comfort.  

How do you remove the door pins?

First we would suggest rolling the glass down in case your pliers slip off the pin there is no chance of hitting the window glass.  Next wrap a towel around the stock plastic pins(if you care to keep them) otherwise just grip them directly with the pliers.  Turn Counter clockwise and eventually pull up to remove.  Do the opposite for the install of the new ones.    

How do i disable the touchpad?

Placing your hand on the touchpad for a few seconds will temporarily disable the touch pad, but for a permanent fix; 

Go Under vehicle settings

  • scroll all the way down and there will be system settings
  • Inside there is touchpad
  • Click on that and you will see "activate touchpad option".

Where are the w205 sedans built?

At this point all W205 sedans are built in the Alabama MB factory.  The c63 and c63s engines and transmissions are still hand aseembled in Affalterbach with the "one man one engine" philosophy.  The engine and transmission assembly is then crated and sent to AL where is is mated with the Body of the car.

Is European delivery available?

Since the sedans are built in USA you cannot have Euro delivery.  However the new coupes will be coming from Germany so that option is available.

How do I remove the Center Console?

A forum post about this can be found here

Does the c63 have built in wifi?

Yes the c63 is equipped with built in wifi activated through MBrace Entertain. It's important to know that the wifi is extremely slow. It is also worth noting that the MBrace system is only available in the USA.

How do you remove the Door panels?

A forum post about this can be found here

Can you install downpipes easily or does the engine/trans have to be dropped? 

Unfortunately, there is not enough room to remove or install downpipes without dropping the engine.  Some have asked if you can cut the stock downpipes to remove, and then slide in aftermarket ones, but that is not possible either.  

What does the C63S run in the quarter mile stock?

Many factors play into this but stock w/stock tires is just around 12 seconds @ 120-123 MPH.  

Is Apple Carplay or will it be possible to retrofit it?

At this time it is not availible in the C class,  Also there is no news of it being able to be added to this generation of C-class.

When is the First Service due on the car?

Since the C63S comes with an electronic rear diff it requires a service at 1750 miles.  They drain and refill the fluid. It should cost about $350

Can you have two sets of tires with TPMS?

Yes, if you order a second set of wheels and tires(winter/track set) you can add a second set of TPMS and flip the wheels with no issues.  You need the 433MHZ and can be purchased from TIRERACK here.   

My car will not make any boost but there is no CEL.

This seems to be a common issue with stock cars.  It is fixed by simply turning the car off and on again. From what we have researched there is no specific scenario that causes this but we will update you if a cause/solution is found 

Car is not reaching Peak HP, there is no CEL or any other visible problems.

There are certain codes that will put these cars into a "limp mode" but there will be no visible signs.   I had an issue with an exhaust flap and car would not go above 350HP.  The dealer found the code via scan, fixed the issue, cleared the code and car was back to normal.  

Is is possible to permanently disable Auto-stop function(cuts engine at stops)?  

No, once again due to the fuel economy regulations the feature is enabled each time the car is started.  good news is that is only active by default in Comfort mode so as soon as you change out of that it will turn off.

Is there any chrome/silver if you get the "night package"? 

Yes,  the package does still have chrome on the door handles, strip on the trunk, the emblems and the upper front grill.  

I did not get the Night package, can I buy the parts and have them installed?

Yes it is possible, however I had the parts for JUST the window trim priced out and it was over $1,000 for the pieces, then install.  You also have to get the front and rear bumper, side skirts, and exhaust tips.  You are better off getting the parts painted or wrapped.

Is there a way to activate VIM (video in motion)?

you can only active with a "hack" at this time.  DVD In Motion is one company that has a great solution. Once you purchase they will send you an email with the files specific to your VIN.  You then put the files on an SD card and plug into your car and it will do the rest for you.  A group buy was done over at MBWorld and no complaints, you can check out the thread HERE.

*this also unlocked any other features in Command that are locked out while driving.