C300 Modifications and Accessories

The Mods section is separated into sections: Internal, External, Engine Tuning and Exhaust Modifications.

AMG and Genuine Accessories:



Internal Accessories:

  • AMG Door Pins $60 - There are many guys that are actually making these door pins from what I can tell JBSPEED is selling the best quality door pins for the best price.


  • AZN Optics LED Internal Lighting Replacements $66.50 - w205 with lighting specs, only the Glove box, trunk light, vanity mirror, and footwell ambient lights can be replaced and those all use our 194 wedge LEDs which retail $19/set.

    In total you're looking at 3.5 sets which equals $66.50.
    These 194 V5 units are high end canbus units utilizing the latest in COB based SMDs with integrated constant current IC drives.

  • The only additional bulbs available for those without lighting package would be the addition of another set of the 194 wedge bulbs for reverse lights, 7507 bayonet bulbs for the rear signals (Amber or Red), and H7 HID conversion we recommend high end Morimoto XB Elite kits (5000K pure white:  and 6000K white with a slight bluish hue).

External Accessories:

JBSPeed trunk Spoilers


  • Mud Flaps, Front and Rear $211 (painted and shipped) -  If you're tired of mud and anything else on your car here you go. More info located Here

brabus body kit

  • Front Lip Spoiler $1199
  • Brabus Rear Trunk Spoiler $695

Carlsson Body Kits


Carbon Fiber Parts:

rw carbon




  • Carbon Fiber Dash $1130 ($1455-$325 core charge) - Sometimes the pictures don't do the product and this is one of those cases. This dash is for users who don't have the analog clock in the dash and don't want to go through the added expense to get the clock integrated via the OEM CF Dash. 
  • To order email johnb@macarbon.com and tell him we sent you.


  • Bootlid Spoiler $595 - There is no better way to make a statement than with our signature style Bootlid Spoiler for the W205 C63(S) Sedan. With a Mode Carbon product, you get that signature aggressive styling that is sure to be imitated by the masses. Our goal from the onset of designing this piece was to add some much needed aggression to the otherwise rounded trunk line of the W205. The lines of our Bootlid Spoiler aim to flatten out the top curve of the trunk when viewing straight on from the rear, while adding a robust muscular side profile to match this car’s serious performance characteristics. 


  • Side Skirts $1495 - Our Side Skirt replacements for the C63(S) are an elegant complimentary carbon fiber modification that is the missing link that ties together all of the carbon fibr on the front fascia and the rear end of your vehicle. This subtle yet vibrant addition is a classy touch that will remind you just how special your AMG is every time you enter and exit the vehicle.
  • Mirror Housing $1200 - Our carbon fibre Mirror Housings are another subtle touch to the side profile of your C63(S), adding character whilst blending in with the Side-Skirt Replacements impeccably. If you have equipped your vehicle with our Euro-Spec Front Lip Kit and Euro-Spec Rear Diffuser, the full housings are a must in order to keep the carbon fibre theme of the vehicle consistent throughout, replacing all the gloss black and plastic trim with something far more high end. They say perfection lies in the details, and we have to agree.

Engine Tuning:

Piggy Back Systems


ECU Flash


  • $599 - The Weistec M274 ECU upgrade for the 2015+ C300 provides gains across the entire owerband resulting a vehicle that is more fun to drive in all driving situations.  The M274 ECU upgrade can be paired with our M274 Downpipe for further improved response and exhaust not

OE Tuning

  • $795.00 - Gains of +65hp and +75tq

Turbo upgrades:



Intake Systems:

Exhaust Systems:



  • $399 - Weistec Engineering offers the M274 Downpipe for the W205 C300 RWD models.  The downpipe was designed with the most sophisticated Computer Aided Design tools to ensure excellent fitment. The downpipe features 3 inch diameter piping and a laser cut precision flange to mate with factory mounting points, giving this system a perfect fit. Our M274 Downpipe features a CNC Machined 304 stainless steel turbine flange to mate with the turbo perfectly using the OEM clamp.  The M274 Downpipe connects to the rest of the exhaust using an OEM style adapter for a simple bolt in installation

SwitchPath Exhaust $1995




Touring Exhaust $1395


Additional Performance Mods:

  • RENNtech Toe Link Kit for AMG Models $940 - Adding a RENNtech toe link kit maintains stability at high speed, ensures the vehicle tracks straight under heavy acceleration as well as properly positions the car's suspension under heavy cornering and braking loads.
  • Performance Air Filter $229 - BMC air filters are designed and produced to ensure a higher air flow than original paper filters. In F1, for example, BMC cotton filters minimize the loss of air flow pressure passing through the air filter; this way ensures the best conditions for full exploitation of maximum power. Therefore the benefits of replacing the original paper filter with BMC cotton air filter, produced using the same technology and materials as the F1 air filters, are evident.

Additional 3rd Party Accessories:

radar detectors

  • Valentine 1 $399 - This radar detector has been on the market for years and is viewed as one of the best radar detectors on the market under $500

Escort Passport Max 360 $649 - Another great radar detector we suggest calling in however as we have been able to score $50 off when chatting with someone for a few minutes

Laser jammers

  • AL Priority $749-$1599 - This jammer is upgradable and provides the best protection according to numerous sources. They are marketed as parking sensors

Dash cameras


Blackvue DR650GW 2 Channel - Great Camera with great software for the computer however the mobile app has issues. We have an installation guide available, Blackvue How to Guide, and a review will be up shortly.