RW carbon Front Lip Review

We have been waiting for RW carbon to release their Front Lip for the W205 C63/C63S.  We did the review on their Mirror caps a few months ago and have been running them on both our cars for months now Review here.  They are High quality pieces and match the OEM carbon perfectly.    The lip arrived last week so we have had time to look it over, install, and drive with it already.

Items needed: 3M Foam double sided tape, Knife or scissors, alcohol for cleaning parts(not drinking).  optional: strip of clear Bra, squeegee

Customer service and shipping

Working with Matt at RW carbon was once again great.  He is very responsive and glad to help out with any questions we had.  I placed the order later one night and the lip shipped the following day.   The box it ships in is massive but that is needed when shipping a piece like this with FedEx.  My company ships metal and that is often damaged in transit so you can imagine what they could do with a carbon fiber lip!  The Lip had extra bubble and foam wrapped all over it and was very well packed.  Can happily say there was not one ding or scratch.

After unpacking I got to take a good look at the lip.  The quality is great, I could not find any imperfections at all. The weave was nicely done on all the corners and edges and the finish was perfectly polished.   

I took a few pictures of the lip next to the RWcarbon mirrors and the OEM trunk spoiler.  As you can see all the parts match perfectly to each other and the stock CF.   



This lip differs a bit from others on the market as it covers the bottom portion of the stock AMG Lip.  Matt suggested and I agree that since you are installing over a painted surface you should put down some sort of paint protection like expel or 3M.   If you do this you will not have to stick tape directly to the paint and if there is any vibration from bumpy roads or wind edges of contact points will not wear off your paint.    

I bought a small roll of 6" x 12' 3M clear bra from amazon for about $25. I am no expert at this stuff(props to people who do entire cars) but since 90% of it is going to be covered by the Lip install does not have to be perfect. The 10% being the sides(which I pictured below) but those are pretty easy to do well.   I applied this all over the stock part the Lip was going to cover and let set for a day. 

The lip does not come with any sort of instructions, tape, or hardware.  I spent some time figuring the best way to get it mounted. The contact points are almost all on the top of the lip as the bottom of the car is not a flat surface. that is why all my tape is towards the top.

 First you will need to prep the inside of the CF lip with alcohol.   Then you will need to use some sort of double sided foam tape, I used 3m VHB.  You can see the locations I applied it on the picture below.  Once you get it all in place make sure to firmly press down on it to get it to stick to the lip well.   Then remove all the red tape backing and line up the lip with the car.   Make sure the part is centered and  carefully set the lip in place REMEMBER YOU ONLY HAVE ONE SHOT AT THIS as the tape will stick and you are in trouble,    Make sure to apply pressure to all the locations where the tape is.  Let it set for a few hours and you are good to go turn some heads.  

Thoughts on the Lip:  

The quality is great and i am very happy with the overall look.  It is styled after the Brabus Lip and at this point the most aggressive out there. At first I was a little worried that covering the original white lip would look strange but It does not at all.  The all black look fits with the "panda" scheme of this car perfectly.  The way that it is designed it also does not lower the car much so regular driving is not changed at all.  Other lips install below and drop the car down a bit lower.  It does come out a bit further from the front so you must remember to give yourself a few extra inches(or feet) from parking blocks/curbs.

The RW carbon lip is a great buy if this is the look you are after.  If you want something a bit more subtle look elsewhere but if you want an aggressive high quality lip certainly give this one a look.  

You can purchase the lip from RW carbons site Here



C63 Blow Off Valve Review

Sometimes all you are looking for is something to make your car unique. Something simple that can transform your car from an ordinary everyday vehicle bought off a lot into something that can turn heads and make people see that your car is different... Special even. Your not just an everyday driver, but a member of the elite, the cream of the crop, or even someone who got their hands on a one of a kind car. 

Sometimes you want to do that without breaking the bank or spending hours in shop tweaking your car. Lucky for us we have Turbos and even luckier we have the guys at turning out high quality parts for our cars without breaking the bank. 

Enter their Blow Off Valves. For those of you who are not familiar with what a blow off valve is or how it works I urge you take a quick read here  which will bring you up to speed on what blow off valves do for cars. The C63 comes standard with blow off valves that recirculate the excess boost pressure back into the system. What turbo kits have done is made an attachment that turns the standard system into an atmospheric system providing a unique sound that turns heads on the streets.


Turbo kits have a great website and amazing customer service that provide any assistance you may need when you need it. They offer a quick turn around time, once you have placed your order and come with all the tools needed to install the units.


Install on the C63 version is very easy. The instructions that were sent were very good, but here are some tips  Removing the 2 TORX screws will give you just enough room to wiggle everything around enough to get the parts out and then reinstalled.  Start with the driver’s side, it has no wires in the way so just some slight maneuvering and you can do that side in a couple of minutes as long as you DO NOT DROP THE SCREWS. With them being stainless(no magnetic picking up) and the plastic skid plate it will turn a 10 minute job into much more.   Once the screws are out and before you pull the bypass valve out make sure you note which way they are aligned.  Once the factory piece is out line up the holes and insert the new longer screws.  There is only one proper alignment as the 3 mounting holes are not spaced evenly.  Make sure to install it the same direction and tighten it down.


The passenger side is similar but you must first, remove the tape around the wire connector, unclip the grey safety clip(blue arrow) and remove the electrical connection.  This will allow you to move the wire away from your work area and get to the farthest left screw.  I also popped the silver clip (blue arrow) and got that wire out of the way as well.  After that just install just like the driver side.


So when we heard about these BOVs we thought we would try them out but didn't think we would keep them on mainly because it seemed like it would become an annoyance. Boy were we wrong after having them on for a little over a month these things definitely make a difference without making it annoying to drive with them on. Driving with even the lowest of music on and the windows up keeps you from hearing the BOV while driving, however, if you turn the music off you can hear the sweet sounds of the BOV's doing what they do best and venting into the atmosphere. If you roll the windows down it becomes even more noticeable and hearing it from the outside definitely has started turning heads and has people asking what have we done with the car.


These BOV's are definitely worth the money and will turn heads! They are easy to install and uninstall should you ever have problems with the car and need to take the car in for service. They offer no performance gains, but do not trip the Check Engine Light and they are loud enough to get other people noticing you without becoming an annoyance to drive with. We say if you're looking for a little extra something to get them!